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"This is an entrancing novel with a most distinctive voice."

"Grant hits her stride writing of the interiors her characters inhabit, in her minute observation of nature, in the nuanced speech of the servants and the country people, and above all, in the portraits of Claire’s sisters [...] – all this in addition to her utterly convincing principal characters," Katherine Mezzacappa of the Historical Novel Society kindly remarks in the HNR August 2020 issue. "Her style is extremely polished and assured. Dialogues are so vivid that this reader sometimes felt she was eavesdropping,"she adds, continuing "Grant’s story is impeccably researched." Thank you! Read the full review here: /

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“A papa sort of person…” (Chapter 6, p. 83)

“There’s the party from Delapré Abbey.” (Chapter 6, p. 82)

“There had been enough raspberry preserve to make a cream crowdie.” (Chapter 6, p. 78)

"St Edmund’s hushed dim space" (Chapter 6, p. 80)

“A wrinkled apple from last year’s harvest.” (Chapter 6, p. 78)

“I do perceive here a divided duty.” (Chapter 5, p. 74)

“The massive cedar that made a black blur to his left.” (Chapter 5, p. 72)

"It’s a love story, but I really enjoyed it."